• Innovation is our Heritage

    Our Vision

    • To double the 200,000 kWh per year currently in operational use from our own Biomass Energy Systems within the next 5 years
    • To continue to innovate through design our heritage of the last 32 years in supplying biomass technology.
    • To provide Energy Independence from fossil fuels by the use of Renewable Energy - Wind and Solar and Sustainably Sourced Biomass

  • Our Services and Memberships

    • Through our subsidiary companies in Europe, North America and Asia, we provide our clients with the widest selection and range of biomass fuelled hot air generators, hot water and steam boiler systems available from a single source - Anywhere!
    • We provide our clients the same high level of service and commitment - Worldwide.
    • We offer a biomass system for virtually every commercial, industrial or institutional building or facility.  
    • We offer a complete turnkey solution selection of both standard and customisable biomass storage, handling and feed systems that enable our systems to be installed in any application.

    Environmental Innovation

    By utilising available biomass and providing carbon neutral thermal energy.

    Our goal is to work with the brightest emerging enterprises to awaken innovation across the Biomass and Renewable Energy Markets.

    Strategic Partnerships

    Through our strategic partners we provide a localised service to our customers.

    Through our Strategic Partners we offer access to transformative thinking and resources to enable market expansion and reach.


    The Renewable Energy Association.

    Represents the UK’s renewable energy industry, covering all renewable sectors across power, heat, transport and renewable gas. The REA is a not-for-profit industry association, established in 2001. Since then it has grown rapidly to become the UK's largest renewable industry body.


    Cambridge Cleantech

    With the worldwide reputation of Cambridge as a source of technology innovation, already some 500 earlier-stage innovators in the vicinity and more established environmental businesses around Peterborough, this area is a natural home for joined-up clustering and self-support.

  • Meet Our Executive Team and Advisors

    Our multinational team combines experience with passion, creativity, and dedication. Our team works from our four global offices. From rural back roads to corporate boardrooms, the Biotech Energy Group is committed to supporting our clients and investors.

    Roger Willmott

    Biotech Energy Group CEO.


    Stan Kinsman

    Group CEO for North American activities.


    David Hullah

    Group Chief Financial Officer,


    Darren Mc Keever

    Group Director for Investor Relations, Co-Founder

    John Tomasi

    Head of Innovation and Design for Group Activities


    Brad Noviski

    Senior Head of Project Engineering

    for Group Activities.


    Chris Danch

    Group Chief Legal Officer for North America.


    Eamonn Corrigan

    Group Accountant, Co-Founder

    Adrian McGarry

    Non Executive Director


    Theodore Alexiou

    Advisor to the Biotech Group for Strategic Partnerships, projects in Greece .

    Seth Michaux

    Head of Project Engineering

    UK and Europe

    Dr. Gaurav Mishra

    Advisor to the Biotech Group for Research and Development - Asia

    Geoff Fynes

    GF Environmental :

    Environmental Advisor to the Biotech Group.

  • NEWS


    March 2017

    HSBC Report on the future of Oil Supplies.

    January 2017

    The bottom line of the HSBC report is that, contrary to industry hype and mainstream economic thought, and even experiencing the current glut of unconventional oil and gas, the vast majority of the world’s oil production has already peaked (conventional around 2005 and unconventional—tight oil, deep oil and tar sands—around the end of 2015) and is now in decline. And just as importantly, recent studies have shown that the value of energy produced by oil has declined by half within the first 15 years of the 21st century, which is a dramatic reduction in available net energy. What does this all mean? We can expect a new age of permanent economic contraction and recession driven by ongoing dependence on dirty, expensive and difficult oil with ever declining EROEI and increasing environmental impacts.


    "This report is a compelling argument that unless we choose and proceed along a fundamentally different path which means a rapid transition to renewables, of which biomass thermal energy is a key component and that HIGH ENERGY USERS should to look to become ENERGY INDEPENDENT from fossil fuels and incorporate the multiple benefits of biomass thermal energy from local and sustainable sources". Download Report

    Chris Danch. Group Legal Officer, - North America

    Biotech Group signs exclusivity agreement with Cornerstone Capital Partners.

    November 2016

    Cornerstone Capital Partners provides a range of specialist finance services via third parties to the biomass and clean technology industry. Focusing on Biomass to Energy, Wind and Solar. " We are delighted to be able to extend our services to our clients by offering where required finance solutions". More


    David Hullah. Group CFO

    Biotech Group invest into CHP Ventures, Inc.

    October 2016

    CHP Ventures, Inc. provides a range of specialist process, finance and insurance services to the biomass and clean technology providers, ensuring that the technology is robust and the process risk is identified to help mitigate investment risk. " I believe that by combining our core services we provide our clients a complete package within the Cleantech and Biomass Markets, and I look forward to developing our relationship and extending our services within North America and beyond". More


    Stan Kinsman. Group CEO , CHP Ventures,Inc.

    Biotech Group expands into Asia Markets

    September 2016

    September 2016

    In recognition of the growing market opportunity is Asia, Biotech Energy Group are expanding their market into Asia and are now seeking strategic partners to help them achieve their goals. "Over the past months, interest about our products, services have grown for units providing steam generation and we welcome the opportunity not only to supply our units, but to be able through selected partnerships to be able to offer our finance and service packages". More


    Roger Willmott. Group CEO

    Biotech Energy,Inc. agree exclusivity to three strategic partners in the United States.

    August 2016

    Biotech Energy, Inc has signed exclusive distribution agreements, with Adirondack Combustion, for New York State and Vermont". In reaching an agreement with these companies we are able to provide a local service and supply, with a National reach and continue to meet our objective in providing a Sustainable, Carbon Neutral energy source to our clients by offering an unparalleled range of Boilers in North America".


    Doug Starr. VP Sales and Marketing, Biotech,Inc. North America.

    Biotech and Camino unite for the UK, Ireland and North American Markets.

    April 2016

    Biotech Energy Group has become Camino's newest distributor for the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland and North America. "We are delighted to be able to promote the Camino range of biomass boilers and hot air generators and offer our clients a energy and price efficient products in the UK and Ireland. This agreement provides the Biotech Energy Group with the ability to provide its customers with the largest range of biomass boilers in Europe and our North American Markets.


    Roger Willmott. CEO

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